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We carry the name of Brandweer Enkhuizen. Our organization’s goal is to go beyond the fire fighter’s mindset. Brandweer Enkhuizen wants to be active in the community we serve. We spend our time and energy in making our community safe and give them peace of mind that when they experience an emergency, there will be people ready to respond when they call. Beyond that, we work with the leaders of our community to spread positivity while instilling in their minds the importance of safety and preparedness.


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Elite Future Firefighters

Being a firefighter means embracing a heavy responsibility. It requires a heart to serve and a strong character that overcomes fear in times where courage is needed the most. We train elite future firefighters who will continue the work we have started. Our website visitors encourages young people to be part of our training programs. We believe that our young generation is the hope of our future. Investing our time and efforts to them worth all the sacrifices. History taught us that in order to continue the excellence mindset, we have to be willing to carry out the work and teach like-minded individuals who will continue or even exceed our expectation in the area where we work.


“Blood is thicker than water, but no blood is thicker than the blood you shed for others”


Here at Brandweer Enkhuizen, we embrace the idea of self-sacrifice. The personal sacrifices we make daily might not be appreciated, but deep in our hearts, we know that fulfilment comes when we are truly serving. When we build a website, we understand deeply the value of our work with the hope that it would create an impact to all the readers.